aristocratic dinner

100 € / person + the price of the dinner (depends on which restaurant you choose)

(Our guide pays her part of the dinner by herself, but not more than 50€)

Minimum 2 people

Probably, watching French movies of the 60s-80s, you have sometime imagined yourself in Paris, in a nice restaurant, with the beautiful atmosphere where all the waiters speak French, and you eat foie gras, and hold a glass of champagne in your hand. Great, isn't it? - That is why we decided to give you this opportunity to enjoy Parisian life and delicious French cuisine in wonderful old Parisian restaurants. 


1) You tell us in advance about your preferences regarding the type of restaurant you would like, we reserve for you a table in the chosen restaurant (it can be a restaurant of typical French cuisine, or historical restaurant with an interesting interior, or restaurant with a good view), - everything depends on your references. We will always find for you a restaurant with a good reputation and delicious cuisine, it is our job ;)

2) Dress code: evening or elegant look to create a festive atmosphere of bohemian Paris. But if you do not have such a clothes, it is ok too :) The main thing is the people with who you share your dinner :)

3) Our guide meets you at the appointed time near the restaurant, you go all together for a dinner. During the dinner, our guide will help you with the choice of dishes from the menu, tell you what wine is suitable for foie gras and how to eat oysters. During this dinner you will learn about the life of the French and their gastronomic addictions and preferences, their habits, how they live and also learn about interesting places in Paris and that else should be visited to experience the real life in France. 

4) At the end of the dinner, our guide will pay for her part of the dinner (but no more than 50 €), you will pay for your part of the dinner (if you chose a premium class restaurant, then part of the bill of the guide that exceeds 50 € - is paied by you too. It all depends on what kind of restaurant you would like to book. In any case, we will always take into account any of your ideas and wishes, and the main task of the Aristocratic dinner is to make you fall in love with France, its culture and wonderful French cuisine! 

Bon appetit! :)