cheese&wine food set

120 €


3 tуpes of cheese (Camembert, goat cheese and Roquefort) - Roquefort cheese has a quite strong taste and smell, if you prefer a lighter version, we recommend you to replace it with the cheese "Le Blue" which has more gentle taste.
Please tell us your preferenсes :)     

* fresh baquette (typical french long shaped bread)  

* bottle of french wine: red / white / rosé - at your choice
(usually the wine is dry, medium- and upper priced)         

* cherry tomatoes  

* fresh fruits by the season:   or

We suggest you to degustate the real French Set, which will show you France from the gastronomic side. All our products are very fresh and carefully packed for you to enjoy with their delicious taste!

France is famous for its cheese and wine.
It seems that there is no such variety of cheese anywhere in the world. Some romantics say that in France there are so many types of cheese that it is equal to the number of days in a year.

For your CHEESE & WINE FOOD SET we will personally choose the most tasty and fresh cheeses from given above, carefully pack them into a special refrigerating box, and bring them to your hotel or any other place at your choice in Paris.

Enjoy the taste of France! :)