perfume tour

40 € / person (minimum 2 people), child - 5 €  (~2,5 hours)

The history of the French perfumery dates back to the 11th century, when the Crusaders brought jasmine and roses from Jerusalem to the south of France. Under the rule of the famous king Louis XIV, French perfumery is experiencing a real boom, as the capricious king gives the order to all courtiers to start actively using essential oils and their compositions in order to mask the terrible smell emanating from people at that time.

In 1828, Pierre Francois Pascal Guerlain founds one of the oldest perfume houses in France.

 If you want to touch the mysterious history of French perfumery too, to visit the world-famous Guerlain perfume house and also to have an opportunity to see small private perfumery shops in Paris where novice perfumers create unique flavors, than we invite you to this interesting and exciting journey!

Book your perfume tour right now and plunge into the world of the French aromas!